Psense Overview

  • Research into the field of skills and talent identified the need for a credible assessment of soft skills - a major requirement in the employability skills map.  This gave rise to our new product: The ‘PSENSE Employability Skills Test’.

    PSENSE is a testing method which can give employers a true sense of an individual.  We have identified and are working in collaboration with Biddle Consulting Group; a soft skills test specialist organization with over 50 years’ experience in testing for soft skills for government institutions and other corporate institutions in the United States of America. PSENSE is designed to test a candidates' possession of 'Employability skills' which a University degree cannot guarantee and a one-on-one interview cannot certify.

    PSENSE is a revolutionary assessment tool designed to solve the recruitment challenges by testing an individual’s soft skills which a University degree cannot guarantee, and a one on one interview may not certify and also serve as a credible measure of the different skills required in the workplace. 

    Some people with exceptional organisational skills do not get into the interview room because of their degree or random nature of shortlisting candidates.


    • Help recruiters test the skills which really matter in relation to job performance
    • Help organisations choose between candidates with similar academic achievements
    • Provide credible ‘Employability skills’ certification for job seekers.
    • Provide higher institutions and other educators with an added tool to offer students in their bid to develop ‘work-ready’ graduates
    • Raise the standard of skills available in the Nation’s talent pool

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