Benefits of programme


    We have one Goal! To Re-Engineer The Nation’s Workforce.

    Nigerian graduates are part of a Global workforce which employers can pick and choose from, and PSENSE serves as a competency checkpoint to ensure they are able and prepared to compete with graduates from all over the world. We believe that a person looking for a job, should be ready for the job.

    The focus of the PSENSE certification is to expose and equip people in the job market with the right KNOWLEDGE, ATTITUDE, SKILLS and EXEPERIENCE to help them to truly be assets to any organization. The impact a PSENSE certified workforce will make on the growth of Nigeria is better experienced than described. We will get there. Click Here for an overview of the PSENSE Competency Map.

    For Employers

    Looking to Recruit Top Talent?   USE PSENSE

    Looking to identify Work-Ready graduates?   Ask for PSENSE

    Looking to Employ ‘The NEXT CEO?  Recruit a PSENSE Executive

    Imagine a work-force where everyone is ready and equipped with necessary soft and hard skills from day one. Some people take the initiative to get trained while others are unaware that they are unaware.

    The PSENSE platform offers the following benefits:

    • Pre-employment testing (job and role specifics).
    • Test the skills that matter most in relation to job performance.
    • Get more quality people in the interview room.
    • Test both hard and soft skill gaps.
    • Provide a clear skills development path for employees before promotions and redeployment.

    Click Here for full details about the skills PSENSE tests and certifies 


    For graduates and Job Seekers

    Before you Edit your CV, Edit your Skills. Become exactly what employers are looking for.

    PSENSE training and certification transforms smart people into employable people and makes it easy for Top-Employers to identify them.


    Is a credible employability skills certification

    PSENSE is proof that you are what your CV says you are

    PSENSE equips your for an amazing career and awakens the CEO in you.

    Provides clear milestones for skills development in line with your career goals

    PSENSE provides

    • Training
    • Resources.
    • Certification
    • Internship*
    • Employment Opportunities

     Click Here for full details about the skills PSENSE tests and certifies 


    For Trainers and Higher Institutions

    PSENSE offers partnership and accreditation for Employability Skills centers. That way your students, fresh employees and trainees can be exposed to the PSENSE curriculum and training design. Students from accredited Employability Skills centers will have the opportunity to register to the PSENSE Certification Exam.

    PSENSE will:

    • Provide universities and other educators with an added tool to offer students in their bid to develop work-ready graduates.
    • It will corroborate the technical skills gotten from the university thereby producing quality and independent graduates.
    • Provide a clear outline for undergraduates of the skills expectation of workforce.

    Click Here for full details about the skills PSENSE Training Partner Programme 

    See Trainers and Higher Institutions

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